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In 2015 Kier Services were awarded a new £400m ten-year Strategic Property Partnership with Staffordshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire. The contract includes a full range of property services including development, disposal, acquisition, construction, asset management and facilities management. Kier work with Staffordshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner to maximise the performance of their estates.

The problem that needed addressing – Daily High frequency touch point cleaning across multiple locations. In late 2019 as the coronavirus pandemic was towards its peak Staffordshire Police made an internal risk assessment as to how they should protect their staff from the virus. One of the actions was a programme of regular daily high frequency touchpoint cleaning across their
sites in the county. They then tasked Kier Services with delivering this service.

Kier were unable to deliver this direct so they engaged a local company – Prime Facility Services – who had the experience, expertise and resources to deliver this requirement at short notice. Prime Facility Services mobilised their specialist cleaning teams to visit every major Staffordshire Police site multiple times a day to clean all accessible high frequency touch points in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus by touching infected surfaces. Prime use a strong chlorine-based chemical called UltraBac as recommended by Public Health England.

About Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police serves more than 1.1 million people in an area covering 1,000 square miles, spanning from the rural Moorlands to major urban areas such as Stoke-on-Trent, Tamworth,
Cannock and Burton-upon-Trent. In 2018 the force implemented a new operating model with investment in neighbourhood policing, prioritising prevention and early intervention, increased capacity in investigations, and a modernised response service, all focused on protecting the most vulnerable in the community.
The force now has 10 Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs); each is headed by a chief inspector and includes police officers, police community support officers, special constables and police
staff who work closely with partners and local communities.

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“I have been very pleased and impressed with Prime Facility Services who were able to mobilise their teams very quickly, understand our requirements and strict vetting procedures and deliver a reliable and consistent service across a large geography. I would gladly recommend them to others in a similar situation”

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