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Industrial Cleaning Services in the Midlands, UK

Prime Facility Services have over 20 years of cleaning experience and expertise. Having worked in a variety of sectors, our fully qualified industrial cleaners can understand your business and your requirements in order to deliver a truly bespoke service. Prime Facility Services’ professional industrial cleaners use the best possible industrial cleaning supplies and offer bespoke, tailored and excellent quality services to clients across the West Midlands and the UK.

Our industrial cleaning services range from graffiti removal to kitchen deep cleans, our industrial cleaners in the UK have the expertise and experience to ensure every surface is spotless.

We’re an industrial cleaning services company that encompasses a wide range of applications, and we are proud to be able to meet the expectations of a very wide range of clients. We use the highest quality supplies and the best-trained industrial cleaners, meaning we can provide factory cleans, end-of-tenancy cleans, ground care cleaning and more.


Why Choose Our Industrial Cleaners?

Our specialist team of industrial cleaners can respond to all your cleaning needs, provided that our industrial services are best suited to your project. Across the range of commercial and industrial environments, we offer targeted and high-level cleaning with top-quality cleaning supplies that will ensure the deepest clean and the sheerest shine.

We understand that cleaning is an essential part of our client’s ability to do business. That’s why we treat your project as if it were our own; offering a personalised service that the other industrial cleaning companies in the UK will struggle to match.

Contact Us for Industrial Cleaning Services in the Midlands

If you’re looking for industrial cleaning services in the West Midlands, or nationwide, then please contact our industrial cleaners today to access our leading professional contractors & cleaning services. Our industrial cleaners are fully trained and highly qualified to take on all cleaning requirements that your industrial business needs.

Call us on 0800 566 8894 or you can email us at sales@prime-facility-services.local.

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Frequently asked questions

What are industrial cleaning services?

Industrial cleaning encompasses a wide range of services that are necessary for businesses and industrial facilities. These services can include everything from routine cleaning and maintenance to more specialised tasks such as hazardous waste removal. We have the experience and expertise to handle all types of cleaning tasks, no matter how big or small.
There are many reasons why business owners and facility managers may need to hire industrial cleaning services. In some cases, it may simply be a matter of keeping the premises clean and presentable for customers or clients. In other cases, there may be specific health and safety concerns that need to be addressed. For example, if there is a build-up of hazardous materials onsite, it could pose a serious risk to employees, customers, and the general public. In these cases, it is essential to hire a company that is experienced in specialist cleaning.

Why do businesses need industrial cleaning services?

There are many reasons why businesses need these services. First and foremost, a clean and well-maintained workplace is crucial for the safety of employees. A clean and organized workspace also helps to improve productivity and efficiency. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the lifespan of equipment and machinery, saving businesses money in the long run.
Industrial cleaning services can help businesses achieve all of these goals. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely and effectively clean industrial workplaces. They also have access to specialised equipment that can reach areas that are difficult or impossible for employees to clean on their own. As a result, businesses that invest in these specialist services can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more productive workplace.

How often should industrial cleaning services be carried out?

These cleaning services should be carried out regularly to ensure that the premises are kept clean and safe. Depending on the type of business and the level of activity, these services may need to be carried out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. For businesses that have high levels of activity or produce a lot of waste, more frequent cleaning may be necessary. We will be able to assess your needs and recommend a schedule that is right for you.

What are the benefits of using industrial cleaning services?

They can help improve the appearance of a business, make it more presentable to customers and clients, and increase its overall value. Additionally, these professional services can help to improve the safety of a business by reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls. Industrial cleaning services can also help to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and keep workplaces clean and free from dust and dirt. Ultimately, using these specialist services can help businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

What should I expect from an industrial cleaning company?

We offer a wide range of services that can keep your facility clean and safe. Our team here at Prime Facility Services have experience cleaning a variety of industrial settings. We understand the unique challenges that come with keeping an industrial space clean and will work diligently to ensure your facility is up to code.
When you partner with us, you can expect us to develop a customised cleaning plan for your facility. This plan will take into account the specific needs of your business and the type of environment you operate in. We will then use this plan to create a schedule that meets your needs and budget.
In addition to regular cleaning services, we can also provide other specialist cleaning services, such as hard floor cleaning and high-level cleaning for all types of industrial businesses. These services can help you keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

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