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At Prime Facility Services, we take pride in our 20+ years of experience and expertise in providing professional factory cleaning services. Our professional industrial and commercial cleaners are based in Birmingham, serving the West Midlands and across the UK.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can rely on us to deliver an exceptional factory cleaning service that meets your needs. We use only modern techniques and equipment for a thorough cleaning with no hassle or disruption. Furthermore, our team is highly reliable and committed to meeting the highest standards for safety and hygiene.

At Prime Facility Services, we understand the importance of keeping industrial spaces clean and safe. We offer a comprehensive selection of cleaning solutions for all types of factory floors and other areas. Our services can help maintain lunchrooms, production floors, roof lights, storage tanks and more – making sure that your business is always running at its best.


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Why Choose Our Factory Cleaning Services in Birmingham, UK?

As leading providers of specialised factory floor cleaning services in the West Midlands, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a reliable service to clients and customers. We achieve this by investing in our factory cleaners and we train them to be fully knowledgeable and competent when working on your project. Not only can we provide a comprehensive cleaning service for your factory, but we also aim to be competitive by offering a professional factory cleaning service at inexpensive rates.

With health and safety as our top priority, you can rest assured that our experienced team of factory cleaners will help your business meet the strict regulatory standards and will also ensure that your business runs more efficiently and proficiently.


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If you’re interested in discussing your factory cleaning requirements, please contact our factory cleaners today to access our leading professional factory cleaning services for Birmingham, West Midlands, and the UK by calling us on 0800 566 8894 or sending us an enquiry here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are factory cleaning services?

Factory cleaning services involve a range of activities and tasks carried out in order to clean factories, plants and other commercial industrial premises. The type of work undertaken will depend on the specific needs of each individual client, but can include things like deep cleaning, high-pressure washing, floor care and general janitorial duties.

Why might I need to use factory cleaning services?

Choosing professional factory cleaning services to help manage your facility can be a great decision. Not only does it save you time and hassle, but it also guarantees that your factory remains clean and safe for both staff and customers. It is especially helpful when your facility needs an in-depth cleaning or if there has been some sort of unexpected accident that requires specialised cleaning tasks. With the right team of professionals handling the job, you can rest assured that your factory’s hygiene standards are met while still maintaining its overall productivity.

How often should I use factory cleaning services?

The frequency with which you use factory cleaning services will depend on the size and type of your premises, as well as the level of traffic that goes through it on a daily basis. For example, if you have a large factory with heavy machinery, you’ll probably need to use cleaning services more often than if you have a smaller office space. Likewise, if you have a lot of foot traffic through your premises, you might need to consider using cleaning services on a daily basis.

What kind of tasks can factory cleaning services include?

As we mentioned above, the type of tasks that factory cleaning can include will depend on the specific needs of each client.
Factory cleaners can perform a wide range of tasks, from cleaning the floors to maintaining the equipment. Here are some of the most common cleaning tasks for factories:
– Cleaning the floors: This involves sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors. Factory cleaners may also need to strip and wax the floors on a regular basis.
– Maintaining the equipment: Factory cleaners will need to clean and disinfect all of the equipment in the factory. This includes things like conveyor belts, machines, and tools.
– Cleaning the bathrooms: Factory cleaners will need to keep the bathrooms clean and stocked with supplies. They may also need to empty the trash cans and clean up any spills.
– Cleaning the break room: The break room is usually one of the most cluttered areas in a factory. Factory cleaners will need to straighten up the tables and chairs, empty the trash cans, and wipe down the counters.
– Cleaning the office: Factory cleaners will need to dust all of the surfaces in the office, vacuum the floors, and empty the trash cans. They may also need to clean the windows.

How much do factory cleaning services cost?

When it comes to factory cleaning, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost. The size of the factory, the type of machinery and equipment inside, and the level of dirt and grime can all play a role in how much it will cost to have the factory professionally cleaned.
For basic factory cleaning, the price can increase depending on the level of dirt and grime present, as well as any specialised cleaning requirements that may be needed. For example, if there is a lot of dust or grease build-up, this may require the use of additional cleaning products and equipment, which will add to the overall cost.
For a more comprehensive factory cleaning service, the price includes a deep clean of all areas of the factory, as well as any specialised cleaning that may be required. This type of service is often used when a factory is being prepared for a new production run, or after a period of extended downtime.
If you’d like a bespoke quote for your factory cleaning, get in touch with Prime Facility Services today.

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