In 2008 our Telford factory was using Rentokil Initial for our cleaning requirements. However, for a considerable period we had numerous operational and billing problems with Initial.

Prime Facility Services put forward a bid for our contract and in February 2009 we invited our site supervisor to meet their local operations team and management to audit their capabilities. Most of our other sites across the UK use Prime Facility Services so we were already aware of their track record.

In March 2009, after various checks and references, we awarded our contract to Prime Facilities. The TUPE transfer went very smoothly and Prime Facility Services have delivered on all the KPIs we demanded.

We receive excellent attention from Prime Facility Services and their owner, they are quick to respond to any requests and have been flexible and efficient in all our dealings with them.

I am happy to recommend Prime Facility Services and in our experience we have found them to be efficient, reliable and give us excellent value for money.