In 2006 my company, Mahle Aftermarket were using a large multi-national company called ISS for our cleaning requirements. However, for a number of months we encountered numerous problems with ISS who did not seem to take our complaints seriously, they showed no urgency in trying to resolve the issues and communication with them was a nightmare. Therefore, after a long period of sub standard service, lack of local support and unresolved problems the contract was terminated with ISS and placed with Prime Facilities.

Since Prime Facility Services commenced operations in January 2008 Mahle and our staff have been delighted with the change. The cleaning standards have improved, the local supervisor has built and maintained an excellent relationship, any problems are quickly resolved and the monthly customer satisfaction scores have been consistently high.

We recently moved premises and after a tender process we decided to extend the contract with Prime Facility Services who have also taken on our hard floor maintenance and window cleaning.

I have no reservations in recommending Prime Facility Services and in my experience I have found them to be a well organised, efficient and responsive business that delivers consistent, quality services and value for money.