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Deep Cleaning Services in the Midlands, UK

Prime Facility Services Midlands aim to take the hassle out of your deep cleaning service Requirements allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Deep cleaning is as the name suggests a cleaning service that covers all areas and goes in extremely in-depth, going deep to cover every area of the location.

Deep clean services are usually done on an industrial basis but can also be a residential service; due to the level of depth and effectiveness provided in our deep cleaning service, the process of the deep clean can sometimes be longer than our other services.


When would I need deep clean services?

There are numerous reasons you may want to consider a deep cleaning service, namely:

Refresh your property:

A lot of properties undergo cleaning throughout the year, this cleaner will remove any existing mess provide a more aesthetically pleasing site. However, several times throughout the year, you may decide your property requires that extra little bit. A deep clean will provide your premises with a refreshed look and feel.

Treatment for a neglected property:

For various reasons, several premises find themselves neglected from cleaning and have accumulated a substantial amount of dirt, dust, and other types of filth and mess. Tackling this type of situation without the specialist cleaning we provide can be extremely overwhelming. Prime Facility Services utilises the latest forms of technology to help tackle your clutter and disarray.

Moving into and out of property:

Whether it is industrial, commercial, or residential properties, moving into a new location can be stressful and in a lot of cases, there is no evidence of a recent and thoroughly clean. Prime Facility Services provide deep clean services for your property as soon as you have moved in, giving you peace of mind and a polished premise. When leaving a property, you may also opt to have a deep clean then also to give the new occupants a clean location.

Specific rooms and areas in need:

Sometimes certain areas or rooms of a property need special attention. Prime Facility Services offer cleaning on either a property basis or a section-by-section basis; meaning if you require a bathroom, corridor, canteen or kitchen deep cleaning, Prime Facility Services is here to help.


Contact Us for Deep Cleaning Services

Get in touch with our deep clean services team today and discover how you can reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of the virus in your working environment. By making use of all the latest technologies and equipment our trained and experienced cleaning staff will remove stains, grease, and dirt from each and every surface leaving them as clean as possible. While also ensuring that your establishment is viral infection-free.

If you’re interested in discussing your deep clean services requirements, please contact us today by calling us on 0800 566 8894 or send us an enquiry here.


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Frequently asked questions

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Deep Cleaning?

Commercial deep cleanings involve tackling dirt, grime, and grease build-up in areas like kitchens or restrooms. It may also include services such as carpet or floor cleaning, window washing, and dusting. Industrial deep cleanings are more involved and include a variety of cleaning tasks. This may include pressure washing, steam cleaning, degreasing ducts and vents, and even removal of graffiti or other contaminants on the exterior of a building or structure.

How Often Do I Need Deep Cleaning?

In terms of how often you should be deep cleaning your commercial or industrial space, it really depends on the type of business you run and the amount of traffic in that area. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to give your space a thorough deep clean at least once every three months. However, if you have high levels of foot traffic or if there are any areas where food is prepared or stored, then more regular deep cleans are recommended.

What Types of Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Do You Use?

We use a variety of cleaning supplies and equipment when performing deep cleanings. These include steam cleaners, pressure washers, degreasers, vacuums, rags, sponges, mops, buckets, and more. We also use green-friendly products to ensure that the area is cleaned safely without damaging the environment or any surfaces within the property.

Are Your Deep Cleaning Services Safe for Employees?

Yes! Our deep cleaning services are safe for employees as we take great care to ensure all chemicals used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, our team wears protective gear such as gloves and face masks at all times while on site in order to reduce their exposure to any potentially hazardous materials.

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