COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

Here at Prime Facility Services, we are experts in COVID-19 cleaning, enabling commercial and industrial businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities. With the latest high-quality equipment and years of experience, our Coronavirus deep cleaners provide a comprehensive and thorough cleaning service to help your premise become COVID-clean and coronavirus free. Our COVID-19 deep cleaning methods are all completed to the highest standards and we also strictly follow the guidelines from Public Health England.

Commercial COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning specialist team complete Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitation using fogging methods to terminate traces of the COVID-19 virus across the commercial facility. Whether you’re in an office, a shop or a hotel, we provide COVID deep cleaning services across the West Midlands. Our trained staff wear the correct uniform including all of the personal protection equipment which includes disposable overalls, masks, gloves and constant use of hand sanitiser. We take all of the necessary precautions to try and reduce the spread of Coronavirus throughout your commercial facility.

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Industrial Coronavirus Cleaning

Need Industrial COVID-19 cleaning services? Our Coronavirus cleaners are on hand to eliminate COVID-19 from your industrial building. Our Coronavirus deep cleaning specialists use a range of cleaning disinfectant products that have been approved by the NHS and all detergents that our cleaners use are certified to BS EN 1276 standards. The European standard for chemical disinfectants.

Whether your business has a factory, warehouse or any other industrial building, we can ensure that your facilities are COVID free enabling you to continue to work in a safe environment. Our industrial coronavirus professional cleaning services have been trusted and relied upon by many large industrial businesses across the Midlands and the UK.

Education COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

We offer educational coronavirus cleaning services for educational facilities across the Midlands and around the UK. Has your school or college encountered a COVID-19 case? You may still have the virus lingering on surfaces around the building. Ensure that this isn’t the case with professional educational COVID-19 cleaning services from our skilled deep cleaners.

Whether you are a school, college or university, we can help you with virus decontamination cleaning across your educational premises. Our sanitisation process includes viral sanitisation of every surface, honing in on common touchpoints such as the furniture, equipment and toilets, etc.

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Health Care Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Our COVID cleaners take pride in ensuring that health care services across the Midlands and the UK are COVID-19 clean, ensuring that we reduce the spread of the virus across a range of health care facilities. Whether you are working in a hospital, doctor’s surgery or a dentist we have the experience and know-how of how to perform effective health care COVID-19 cleaning in a range of healthcare facilities.

Here are just some of the companies that we have completed COVID Deep Cleaning Work for:

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If you’re interested in discussing your COVID-19 cleaning requirements, please contact us today. Our specialists have over 20 years of experience and knowledge to help you get the best cleaning solution for your business. Our leading Coronavirus cleaning services can help all industrial and commercial companies in Birmingham, West Midlands, and the UK keep COVID safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covid-19 deep cleaning?

Covid-19 deep cleaning is a process of disinfecting and sanitizing a space to remove all traces of the virus. This type of cleaning is often used in hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as in homes where someone has been infected with the virus. Deep cleaning involves using powerful cleaners and disinfectants to kill the virus, as well as taking extra steps to remove any contaminants from surfaces. Deep cleaning is an important part of preventing the spread of covid-19, and it is essential for keeping everyone safe.

Why is it important to get your business deep cleaned?

Your business is where you spend the majority of your time, so it’s important to keep it clean and free of germs. Deep cleaning will help to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime that has built up over time, leaving your space looking and feeling fresh and new.
There are many benefits to getting a deep cleaning, including improved air quality, a reduction in allergens, and a healthier environment overall. If you have never had a deep cleaning before, now is the time to consider it. Your business will thank you!

How often should I get my business deep cleaned?

Most people don’t realize how important it is to have a clean office. A clean environment can help you feel more productive and organized, and it can also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. However, with busy schedules, it’s not always easy to keep your space clean. That’s where deep cleaning comes in.
Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning process that gets rid of all the dirt, dust and grime that regular cleaning doesn’t always reach. Deep cleaning is often done on a quarterly or yearly basis, but depending on the size of your office, and how many people use it, you may need to deep clean more often.

What are some things I can do to keep my property clean and free of germs in between professional cleanings?

There are a few things you can do to keep your property clean and free of germs in between professional cleanings. First, make sure to sweep and vacuum regularly. This will help to remove any dirt, dust or debris that could potentially harbour germs. Next, be sure to wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner. This includes countertops, doorknobs, light switches and any other areas that could be touched frequently. By taking these simple steps, you can help to keep your property clean and free of germs in between professional cleanings.

What are the benefits of using a professional covid-19 deep cleaning service?

There are many benefits to using a professional covid-19 deep cleaning service.
The virus is very contagious and can easily spread from person to person. If you or a staff member gets sick, it is important to get the virus cleaned up as soon as possible. A professional deep cleaning service can help to do this. We will use special cleaners and disinfectants to kill the virus and prevent it from spreading.
Another benefit is that these services can help prevent the spread of the virus to others. If you have the virus, it is important to keep it from spreading to others. A professional covid-19 deep cleaning service can help to do this by using special cleaners and disinfectants.

Is there anything else I should know about covid-19 deep cleaning?

No doubt you have heard a lot about covid-19 deep cleaning in recent months. This type of cleaning is designed to remove all traces of the virus from surfaces, and it is an important part of keeping your business safe. But what else should you know about this type of cleaning? Here are three things to keep in mind.
Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning.
Regular cleaning removes dirt and dust from surfaces, but it does not necessarily remove all traces of the virus. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, uses powerful cleaners and disinfectants to kill the virus and remove it from surfaces. This type of cleaning is often used in hospitals and other medical settings, but it can also be used in your workplace.
You may need to deep clean more often than you think.
It is recommended that you deep clean your workplace at least once a week. However, if someone in your office becomes sick, you may need to deep clean more often. It is also a good idea to deep clean any surface that has been contaminated with the virus, such as a doorknob or desk.
Using a Specialist is Recommended
Deep cleaning is an important part of keeping your workplace safe from the virus. Using a professional cleaning company ensures that your place of work is thoroughly cleaned to the best standards. At Prime Facility Services, we use the latest cleaning equipment and fully trained staff to deliver expert deep cleaning services.

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