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Here at Prime Facility Services, we deliver professional dry ice blast cleaning services to a range of industrial and commercial premises.  Our team of expert dry ice custodians are on hand to provide high-quality ice blasting services with our collection of state-of-the-art ice-cleaning equipment. With our wealth of experience in commercial and industrial cleaning, we have the expertise to perform an excellent standard of ice cleaning services. Does your business’s premises need our dry ice blast cleaning services? Get in touch with our specialist who will be more than happy to help.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blast cleaning is an alternate method of cleaning that utilises carbon dioxide in the form of solid dry ice. Using a blasting machine, compressed air and tiny pieces of ice are directed at a surface to clean it. This process is similar to using a water jet washer, yet the results leave no residue behind and provide a completely dry surface. Dry ice blasting offers an efficient and effective way to thoroughly clean any area without the need for additional chemicals or residue leftovers.

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Why Use Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services?

Once the dry ice comes into direct contact with most surfaces, it freezes the surface contaminants. The dry ice will then slowly disappear into the atmosphere. There are other forms of cleaning like sandblasting, this type of cleaning does have a damaging impact on the surface you’re cleaning. Traditional sandblasting is an abrasive form of cleaning which causes destruction that sometimes cannot be repaired. Our expert dry ice blast cleaners have the latest technology and cleaning equipment to be able to ice blast a range of different surfaces.

 Benefits of Ice Blasting

  • Reduces equipment downtime as it cleans surfaces hot and requires little dismantling. This reduces the time needed for deep cleaning from days to hours allowing you to get back to work quicker.
  • The process of our ice blast cleaning service is entirely safe around electrical equipment, circuit boards and cables. This makes it an ideal method of cleaning where the area has a lot of electrical components.
  • This method of cleaning does not involve harmful chemicals, a lot of companies have to adhere to certain environmental guidelines. It also helps maintain employee health and safety as they aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Contact Us for Ice Blast Cleaning in the West Midlands, UK

If you’re interested in discussing your cleaning requirements, please contact us today. Our specialists have over 20 years of experience and knowledge to help you get the best cleansing solution for your business. Our leading dry ice blast cleaning services can help all industrial and commercial companies in Birmingham, West Midlands, and the UK.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of dry ice blast cleaning?

Dry ice blast cleaning has several benefits over traditional cleansing methods. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that it is much less damaging to the surface being cleaned. This is because the dry ice pellets simply bounce off the surface, rather than abrading it like other cleaning methods.
Another benefit is that this method is very effective at removing stubborn residues and build-ups. The ice pellets penetrate deep into the residue, causing it to break up and be easily removed.
This is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning because there are no toxic chemicals used, and all of the pellets vaporise immediately after impact, leaving no harmful residues.

What are some of the applications of dry ice blast cleaning?

This method of cleaning is a versatile and effective way to clean a wide range of surfaces. It can be used to remove debris, oils, grease, contaminants, and built-up grime. Dry ice blasting is also an excellent way to prep surfaces for painting or other finishes. When used properly, this type of cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean a variety of surfaces.
Ice blasting has a number of advantages over other types of cleaning methods. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not require the use of harsh chemicals. This type of cleaning is also much gentler on surfaces than other types of cleaning methods, making it ideal for delicate or sensitive surfaces. In addition, this method of cleaning is a very efficient way to clean large areas quickly and thoroughly.
This method of cleaning is an ideal choice for a variety of applications. It can be used to clean industrial equipment, vehicles, boats, aeroplanes, buildings, and more. When used properly, it is a safe and effective way to clean a variety of surfaces.

How does dry ice blast cleaning work?

Dry ice blast cleaning is a process that uses dry ice pellets to remove contaminants from surfaces. These pellets are accelerated through a nozzle at high speeds and then impact the surface to be cleaned. The resulting force breaks up the contaminants, which are then removed from the surface by the blast of air.
This type of cleaning is often used in industrial and commercial settings where traditional cleaning methods are not effective. This cleaning method is also effective in removing mould and mildew from surfaces.
The CO2 pellets are accelerated through a nozzle at high speeds and come into contact with the surface to be cleaned. The impact of the pellets removes the contaminants, leaving the surface clean.
Ice blasting equipment should only be used by trained and qualified specialists. At Prime Facility Services, our cleaners are fully trained and experienced in using this equipment to achieve the best cleaning results, whilst preventing damage to your surfaces.

How much does Ice Blast Cleaning cost?

At Prime Facility Services, our dry ice blast cleaning service is an affordable way to quickly and effectively remove unwanted materials from surfaces. The cost of ice blast cleaning depends on the project’s size, complexity, and scope. Generally speaking, larger projects bring higher costs due to the time taken for completion.
Prime Facility Services will work with you to determine all associated costs prior to beginning any service so that you are aware of your budget requirements before making any commitments.
If you’re interested in learning more about how much ice blast cleaning costs at Prime Facility Services, our team would be happy to provide additional information. Simply call us on 0800 566 8894 or you can email us at sales@prime-facility-services.local and we’ll provide a detailed quote and an overview of the entire process. We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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